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Airline eGuide is all about airlines. Details are provided on all the main airlines to help you choose the best one for your travels.

Asian, Middle Eastern and Australasian airlines dominate the airline awards at the moment. Middle Eastern airlines have an excellent location that makes for a perfect "hub". New aircraft, multi national crews and cheap prices push the Middle Eastern airlines forever forward. Asian airlines remain attractive due to the excellent service.

Low Cost airlines are improving all the time. In Europe they dominate the market. In Asia they are fast developing, Air Asia leads the world in long haul international low cost airlines. The A380 has led to some improvements in the premium product and the Dreamliner will lead to improved operating costs for airlines.


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Air New Zealand
Asiana Airlines
Cathay Pacific
Singapore Airlines
British Airways

Some airlines that have attracted our attention are:

Singapore Airlines
A long history of good service and innovation and very well reviewed.

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Eithad Airways
A relatively new airline that has scored to the top of the table. They try and do everything right and is becoming very popular and could soon be the world leader.

An award winning airline that has a very loyal following and a very extensive route network and easy connections in Dubai. A truly global airline.

Cathay Pacific Airlines
A well recognised airline that operates out of Hong Kong.

Malaysia Airlines
Does very well for in flight service.

British Airways
A well established airline that some like and others not so keen on. Stiff competition has made it difficult for British Airways.

The oldest airline in the world and the safest with reliable service.

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Thai Airways
Over 50 years old and an airline recognised for the high quality of it's service. New aircraft are being added and more attention to in flight entertainment makes this an airline to watch.

Easy Jet
Great fares for Europe and all very efficient.

Air Asia
The world's best low cost airline based in Malaysia with a growing international network.

Virgin Blue
A competition to Qantas in Australia and does well.

Asiana Airlines
The winner of the 2010 Skytrax world airline awards for the best airline.

Air New Zealand
An airline that flies a lot of long haul needs to do it well. You can find domestic flights for great deals.


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